Welcome to the world! Capturing the first days of life is an amazing time, but there is a bit of planning that needs to happen in order for baby and family to have the best experience possible. Here are a few tidbits to keep in mind while planning your little ones first portraits.

Welcome Miss Londynn!


1. Let's get you on the calendar! Give me a call prior to delivery, sometime in your second trimester is best, that way I can get an idea as to your delivery date. Then either call or email me when you have welcomed your precious bundle!

2. When is the best time to photograph your little one? 5-10 days old is preferred. At this time they are still in their 'squishy' moldable phase. Typically the last few days of this time, babies find out about the ever loved movement of stretching! We want to make sure that we can get baby to sleep and be able to move into those cute little squishy poses. I’m more than happy to work with older babies, but understand that they will be less likely to sleep during our session.  For older babies, we will focus more on candid, “lifestyle” shots of your baby playing, laughing, and interacting with the world around them.

3. Location location location....Usually at this point it is always easier to shoot the session in your own home. This way baby and family are more comfortable and necessary items are at an arms reach. And don't worry, there will be no judging of laundry piles and baby toys thrown about. Who has time after giving birth to deep clean?? It doesn't take much space at all to capture your little ones first expressions and poses.

4. Natural lighting is awesome! We will be looking for a place in your home with the best lighting to capture your little one. I ask that you open your blinds prior to my arrival so that I can promptly set up any props etc. Sometimes natural lighting is not available. Don't worry. I have portable lights for that.

5. The majority of the newborn poses (should you opt for more posed rather than lifestyle images) are shot while your baby is in a deep sleep. To help with this please make sure to keep you home a bit warmer than you would normally. Typically between about 78-80 works well to keep your little one most comfortable. Also please have your baby in clothing that is easy to remove as to not wake them from their sleep. Background noise or soft baby tunes can be helpful to camouflage the sound of my shutter clicking and/or any other disruptive noises that may happen during our session. If you have other children that may be present please let them know that this is quiet time and maybe bring something that will keep their attention. Or have someone that can take them somewhere either at the beginning or end of the session to maintain a calm environment for your baby.

6. It takes how long for you to photography my baby? Newborn sessions tend to last about 2-4 hours, due to the need for babies to take more frequent breaks for eating, diaper changes and anything else that may occur when we are on 'baby time'.

7. I prefer to capture a mix of natural poses of just the baby as well as some “lifestyle” shots of your family in action. Parents, please prepare to be in at least some of your newborn’s photos. I strongly believe in the importance of capturing these early days of bonding and snuggling! Feel free to set aside 1-2 special props you would like to include in your photos, such as special blankets, baskets, or other objects with special meaning to your family. This is a great opportunity to include a family heirloom or handmade blanket in a few photos. 

8. If you ever feel that any pose is unsafe to your baby or you feel uncomfortable at all please please let me know! I always take every precaution to ensure your babies safety as it is the most important! I will be asking for you to help with this if necessary, sometimes by holding their head as a support or helping to prop them up to get the perfect pose.

Lastly.....relax and have a fun time with your newborn. Remember, we are on Baby Time. If baby does not want to sleep first, then we will have fun with some lifestyle imagery. This is always a good time to capture some images of you with your newborn. If you would like any breastfeeding images speak up and let me know! These of course will be kept private.

Alright, this is a ton of information and I am sure you have more questions for me. Please ask away! I want you to be calm and comfortable at your babies photo session