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My name is Karen Vaisman; I am a photographic artist and professional retoucher. I love to set up creative shoots with very carefully selected models. I like to find women who are confident and whose alluring nature shows clearly in their eyes; models with an almost an electric connection with the lens. I love to find the beauty within anyone, particularly women and elicit captivating expressions. When a person looks at the lens, they often have very blank veiled look in their eyes. A quality needed by photographers is the ability to engage their model/subject in order to draw out their personality. I try to build trust in order to break through insecurities. During our shoot my goal is to help reveal a special part of the person, sometimes it is their own persona, and sometimes it is a character I want them to portray. My goal is for this magical quality to become apparent to the viewer in my imagery. (Samples here:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150627898948992.397552.54317623991&type=3)

These two sample images are of two very talented models. Daphney Dameraux is an elegant model/actress who has been in the industry for years and has acted in commercials and television shows such as Star Trek. Heather Katelyn Grayson-Model is a model with natural beauty. She is very versatile and talented at skillfully changing her character– it is quite amazing how chameleonic she is, while maintaining a seductive allure all the while.

Model selection is key for me.  Identifying a quintessential quality (eye contact) in my models is very important before I ever pick up the camera. If I’m working with a non-model, I try to find a common bond to allow any fear or hesitation to subside so that I can capture their true appeal.  I often pre-visualize the entire image if I know the wardrobe in advance, preconceiving lighting effects in my mind. The final image is a careful combination of posing, composition, lighting, depth, negative space, background (real or illustrated in post production), dimensionality, wardrobe styling, makeup, hair, and of course eliciting an expression in every image.  The image is completed with expert retouching to perfect the elements captured during the shoot. The model/subject plus each talented team member (makeup artist, hair and wardrobe stylist) I work with helps influence the final image. I don’t often think about all of these qualities while I shoot, but rather try to move through the shoot organically. I’ve been shooting for 30 years and it has become innate and I often know the winning image when I click the shutter, before I even see it on the computer screen. I just feel it when all the elements come together.

I hope these before and after images give viewers a peek into how I like to transform a face into a beauty that transcends the two dimensional space it is framed in. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a unique session capturing your inner beauty.


-Karen Vaisman



Studio located in Agoura Hills CA (Los Angeles area) and Vacaville (Sacramento/SF area), CA

Karen can be reached for your personal glamour session at 818-991-7787





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