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Plain and Simple

August 15, 2014
Courtesy of: SnapKnot - Find Local Wedding Photographers
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Mini Sessions + Back to School Savings

August 11, 2014
Stimulate Awareness, NO. 6 Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season! What holiday your ask? Back to School! Which really starts the run of holidays until we celebrate the...
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30 Life Lessons From My Two Rockstar Grandmas

July 17, 2014
An email I received from my grandpa: (he has the greatest ones...) Never let other people define you. Marry your best friend. You should do what you love in life, ev...
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The Ten Legal Commandments of Photography

June 17, 2014
THE TEN LEGAL COMMANDMENTS OF PHOTOGRAPHY I. Anyone in a public place can take pictures of anything they want. Public places include parks, sidewalks, malls, etc. Malls?...
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My New Love - Coconut Oil

June 03, 2014
I am so in love with Coconut Oil! This year in California the weather has thrown off so so many things. Be it weather that is affecting insects/bug or the dry air affecti...
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Mini Photo Session Sale

May 09, 2014
Take advantage of a mini session that you can book at your convenience! Session must be paid in full by May 17 to honor the discount but your session can be scheduled to...
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